Episode 64: Midwifery Care, Sleep & The Little Things with Chelsea Fredlund of Placerville Midwifery


Today I so enjoyed chatting with local midwife, Chelsea Fredlund.  Chelsea is a Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife at Placerville Midwifery. Her practice offers full-scale midwifery care for women who choose to birth at home, including prenatal visits, home birth, and postpartum visits. She also offers Birthing from Within childbirth education classes for clients and other families planning a natural childbirth in or out of the hospital.  She is mom to one 4 ½ year old girl named Mariah and currently lives in Placerville, CA with her daughter and husband.

In her episode we chat about:

  • How nice it can be to come in and out of birth work while parenting young kids
  • Having her partner home for 3 months after birth
  • Her process of going from being a doula to a midwife in recent years
  • The importance of nutrition and exercise during pregnancy
  • Nursing challenging
  • Shifting your lifestyle around sleep
  • A "good" baby is not a sleepy baby
  • The difference between midwifery (particularly home birth midwifery) care and hospital care
  • Ways that you can use a midwife both for prenatal and postpartum, even if you plan to birth in a hospital
  • The importance of emotional support around your own parenting decisions during postpartum
  • Be ready to shift expectations!

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