Episode 18: The Importance of Owning and Sharing our Stories with Katie Clemons of Gadanke

Today I got to interview Katie Clemons, creator of Gadanke and blogger at Making This Home. In this episode we talked about how Katie was inspired by her 90-year-old grandma and Story Corps to start her journaling and writing prompt business Gadanke.  She has a fantastic pregnancy journaling course and she explains how that came to be. 

We also talk about how even though storytelling is her business, she struggled with sharing her own positive birth story for fear of what others with difficult births would think.  She shares her experience of giving birth around the same time that she lost both of her grandmothers and how that affected postpartum for her, and finally how it was to give a TedX talk at 7 months pregnant.

Katie is such a wonderful soul, I am sure you will be encouraged by her stories!

You can find Katie’s TedX Talk here.  

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