Episode 25: "You Know Your Baby Better Than Anyone Else" with Me, Kellie Edson, interviewed by Kelsey Wharton

Today is a special episode where I invited Kelsey Wharton from episode 4 back to both give us an update on her life with two children and to have her interview ME.  

Kelsey with her second born, Cedric.

Kelsey with her second born, Cedric.

I wanted to turn the tables and be able to share my own birth and postpartum stories with my listeners  without having me just talk at you. And Kelsey's podcast, The Girl Next Door Podcast with her neighbor Erica is one of my favorites and her and I really connected so I thought she would be a wonderful person to have on to interview me!

Me and Clare - She isn't much of a baby anymore at almost 2 years old!

Me and Clare - She isn't much of a baby anymore at almost 2 years old!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Kelsey's advice & experience on life with two kiddos
  • About my daughter Clare's birth story (which you can also read here) & both Kelsey and I's coping methods for labor
  • My ICEA certification and how I decided to enter birth work
  • Nipple Shields & Tailbone Pain
  • Accepting the changes in our bodies Postpartum
  • Focusing on non-comparison, and doing what's right for our babies and families
  • And so much more.

Thank you SO much Kelsey for coming on and taking over the show for an episode!  :) 

Check out Kelsey's Blog, Rising Shining.

Also the Girls Next Door Podcast and her other podcast with her husband, Matrimoney where they discuss marriage and moneyYou won't be disappointed!

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An update on The Postpartum Year Anthology: Thank you all SO much for your submissions! I have received over 50. Yay!  Due to the insanity of the holidays, I will likely not get into reading through them until the new year. (An email will go out to those who submitted shortly, so hang tight.)

And again - THANK YOU!


Episode 23: From Lawyer to SAHM - how choosing our path in birth & work can help us feel like "real" adults with Monica Denniston

Today is a very special episode, I talk with one of my best mama friends, Monica Denniston.  Monica and I met when our daughters were just 5 and 8 weeks old in a mommy baby yoga class.  Our girls are nearly two now and have literally ‘grown up’ together.  Monica is due with baby number 2, a boy, in January.  We’ve been talking about having her on the podcast since I began recording them, and I’m so glad to be able to share her story.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Monica’s unique vaginal breech birth story. Monica delivered at the same hospital I did here locally. If you check out the Mama Sherpas documentary, Sutter Davis is featured and includes her OB delivering another vaginal breech birth.  (Shout out Annette Fineberg!)
  • How Monica made the decision to go from being a corporate lawyer to staying at home with her daughter and the ever-present pressure society puts on women to stay in the workforce.
  • How to deal with “helpful” advice from friends, family and even strangers
  • The importance of mom friends, hiring a doula and reaching out to a lactation consultant.
  • How being able to make the choice to stay at home was the first time she really felt like a “real” adult because she was doing something for herself and not just because society said she “should.”

I know you will love this episode and our conversation! Love you, M.

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Thank you again for listening, supporting the show, and supporting moms!